I am Valeriano Fatica, I carve mostly fruit and vegetables, but I also carve cheese, clay and rock.

I was born the 20th of november 1988 in Oratino, where I actually live, in Molise, a small and almost unknow region of Italy. Since I was a child I used to draw, and I dreamt of becoming a mangaka. But after I started the Art High School I realised that I had a true passion for sculpures. In 2011 I started working in my family’s restaurant “La Roccia”, and at the same time I started carving watermelons for the bouffets, after seeing my brother’s old carvings. After an year and a half, on Dargen D’Amico’s advice, I opened my youtube channel Ortolano Production (now called Valeriano Fatica – Fruit Carver)and I started sharing my passion with all of you.

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Some curiosities:

  • My dad is Edmondo Fatica, painter and sculptor
  • My sister is Giusi Fatica, pianist
  • My wife is Alexandra R. Ionescu, photographer and translator
  • I have a two year old daughter
  • I have a collection of over 2000 pieces of comics
  • My favourite comics are: Devilman, Monster, Homunculus, Naruto, From Hell and V for Vengeance
  • I have a bunny called Lillo
  • I abbandoned the Art Accademy after the first year because I judged it a waste of time

They talked about me:

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What can I do for you?

I do sculptures on request for any kind of event or party in each part of the world, I do live carving directly at your house, and I can also do workshops and private lessons if you want.

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